Thursday, April 10, 2008

Google's hegemony

Yesterday I had a talk with Piotrek about Google extensive and aggressive politic. In Poland there are several companies which monopolize some segments of the marked. Sentenced to Google doesn't sound very realistic neither optimistic :). The big difference between Google monopoly and eg. Polish telecom company is that it is not to the fact that there is no other choice. In case of Google it is simple the best.
There is also a threat that we confide to much of our private information to Google. They are about to start global health service support tooling, they keeping our mails, photos, documents feeling (Blogger), day schedules. So they know about us a lot. Some people claim that Google can use this information to suggest us what should we buy, eat, wear or even think.
I've just had example of that. As I didn't wanted miss my football hours yesterday I've put event to the google calendar with e-mail remainder. Today I found my remainder in gmail spam folder :)
What is terrifying, weather was bad (and I mean baddddd). Cold wind and rain. So maybe Google has started health care program and combined it with Google suggestions service? :D

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