Monday, June 30, 2008

Living in dorm

among positive aspects of living in my Frankfurt's dorm one is worth to mention:
view from the window ;D

of course there are also negative aspects not worth mentioning ;)

"Fiszki" approach to learning german language

As my German still is not at the point I want it, I decided to speed up learning process.
To achieve it I took the SuperMemo approach in its paper version.
As a result there is a dozen of boxes with some vocab lying round my room, pockets backpacks, washing machine (yup they are watter and washing powder proof to some extend ;) )

How each box look like:
It contain cartons with polish translation on one and german on the another side.
Lerning system is simple as hell you browse through the pages ;)

Anyway if you want take a look at this approach please visit: (site is in Polish).

PDE Product Customization at

As I've said before this is I placed the code at
The think that should be higlighted here is that google doesn't know about EPL.
It sad to see that so at the moment code is shared with BSD license.
To get the code please refer to page.

To make code working you also may need
from the Eclipse repository.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

before milestone

there are several things to do before adding feature produced in first part of program.

  1. Product Customization branch will be synchronized with HEAD
  2. both plug-ins will be placed in before producing Eclipse patch.

Question is: will it be long weekend ? ;)

Monday, June 9, 2008

Product Customization mock

This is a very roughly view of what Product Customization section can look like in the near future.

All user transformations planed in PDE will be available through context menu in Extension section. There also view for the product with changes is visible

Transformations section will enable us to remove transformation we no longer needed. But this is also a overview of all transformation added to the product

Something is done but much more is to be done. Even with action simple as Remove there is a lot of work. While it can be applied for extension point or its children there is a bit of work with overlapping transformations (in the parent child manner). But there is also something even more important (but will be addressed later on). How should we handle removal of extension point in one plug-in for its clients ?

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Ausflug in the rain :D

And don't you think that I spend all weekend on code (but maybe I should). Last weekend we took train to some picturesque little town on the Rhine (or if you prefer German name Rhein) bank.
It was nice but weather was not the best for making photos. Anyway here they are.

Relearning SWT

I've started with Product Customization some time ago, most of the time I've spent on doing "research code" and designing structure. Many times I've been choosing not exactly optimal ways, but thanks to the Kim's voice of wisdom I am on the right track.
I started with finishing what already was done in the Product Customization are, as I wanted also to add some funny details I am working right now on visualizing removed nodes from the plugins tree.
What hit me was that I don't really know to create stroked text in viewer. I started with Font. Where if not there looking for that ? But to my surprise there is no strike. Well after some research in internet the answer is simple: You can get stroked font but only on Windows.
How to put that to TreeViewer use label provider which is also IFontProvider.