Thursday, July 24, 2008

Product configuration will let you set plugin options

So what was the path to this point. First I implemented some Product Customization features. Then I was struggling with product export function but finally it works. Just recently I've started to work on launching with transformations. And now is time for changes. We should be able to add users possibility to set plug-ins properties. Start level, osgi properties ...
What I can say it is not small step for me and big for the mankind, it's rather opposite.
Any way as programming in Eclipse is making life simpler, I hope this new feature will make it simpler for some of you. At the screen shoot how it look at the moment.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Product Customization - reactivation

It is time to start with the second part. As you can easy see if you tried use the Product Customization tooling, as it is now, there is much to do. As removal parts of description works pretty well there is no other type of action supported at the moment.
Another feature missing is launching product with the transformations applied. This problem affects more than just Product Customization tooling and it is now described in this bug. If you have any comments feel free to share with us.
I'm starting working... this is first task on my GSOC list for the second part of the program.

Monday, July 14, 2008


We can distinguish variety of aspect in our lives. They are semi-dependent, overlapping, fluent.
It's great when you can find path through your life and are able to cope with them all. Steering your life through the ocean of decisions.
I was wondering how it looks in my case. Well let me focus on so called "professionals life" cause my private I wish keep private.
So, scientific carrier: teaching students, software engineering, software architecture knowledge but rather from books and meetings with professionals than form my own experience. Bioinformatics: C++, perl, math, probability theory, evolution substitution models, dynamic programming algorithms, MCMC etc. World dimly known.
Professional activity: consulting - web applications (struts2 rather than EJB), Eclipse as developer, embedded software C++ (long time ago),
There is a bit more, but the point is that I've started wondering how many ways must you go to get somewhere.
However sometimes possibilities you have are your limitation. Signed contract, agreements, previous choices. Decide and be decisive. But what to do when you decide live your life ? What if you want be happy here and now ?
Yup and once again the area I want to keep for myself. And it just look like this, what matters in my life is it's private part. These moments you get up for every day.

Product Customization in action

I just created some movie showing all features implemented in first milestone. Unfortunately quality of video is very low after uploading it to google videos. (this may change in the future but now it is like it is :/)

Basically how it works. We have new tab called customization which enables us to add customization. The only available at the moment is removal of the extension or element from the bundles tree. This way we can remove some view or function from the target RCP application.

So build new product description file, add bundles for your product, configure destination environment, add customizations, export product, start it...

And here also under Linux (I truly don't know how to publish some screencast with better quality :/)

So if you are interested in higher quality videos you: Linux and Windows versions.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Procuct Customizations (transforms) GSOC milestone

there is time for semirelax, everything goes as planned.