Monday, July 14, 2008

Product Customization in action

I just created some movie showing all features implemented in first milestone. Unfortunately quality of video is very low after uploading it to google videos. (this may change in the future but now it is like it is :/)

Basically how it works. We have new tab called customization which enables us to add customization. The only available at the moment is removal of the extension or element from the bundles tree. This way we can remove some view or function from the target RCP application.

So build new product description file, add bundles for your product, configure destination environment, add customizations, export product, start it...

And here also under Linux (I truly don't know how to publish some screencast with better quality :/)

So if you are interested in higher quality videos you: Linux and Windows versions.


Jakub Jurkiewicz said...

Looks cool :)

Przemoc said...

Low quality really spoils the show.

I'd suggest using dailymotion ( It even support HD (1280x720) if you're motionmaker ("a creative user who does not have any limits to the length or file size of videos they can upload").

Bartek Michalik said...

thanks for advice, but I am not motionmaker ;) I've test youtube and daily motions and the results are comparable as you can see. If anyone is interested in quality vide links are available in updated post

Przemoc said...

Link to (so-called) HQ version on YouTube:
Product Customisation.

Thanks to High Quality on Youtube article.