Monday, July 14, 2008


We can distinguish variety of aspect in our lives. They are semi-dependent, overlapping, fluent.
It's great when you can find path through your life and are able to cope with them all. Steering your life through the ocean of decisions.
I was wondering how it looks in my case. Well let me focus on so called "professionals life" cause my private I wish keep private.
So, scientific carrier: teaching students, software engineering, software architecture knowledge but rather from books and meetings with professionals than form my own experience. Bioinformatics: C++, perl, math, probability theory, evolution substitution models, dynamic programming algorithms, MCMC etc. World dimly known.
Professional activity: consulting - web applications (struts2 rather than EJB), Eclipse as developer, embedded software C++ (long time ago),
There is a bit more, but the point is that I've started wondering how many ways must you go to get somewhere.
However sometimes possibilities you have are your limitation. Signed contract, agreements, previous choices. Decide and be decisive. But what to do when you decide live your life ? What if you want be happy here and now ?
Yup and once again the area I want to keep for myself. And it just look like this, what matters in my life is it's private part. These moments you get up for every day.

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