Tuesday, August 26, 2008

End of the GSOC 2008

It was nice adventure with the GSOC this year. But my journey with the PDE customization support is not finished. We need to make it as useful as we can.
But I owe all of you some summary. What we have on board:

  • Remove features from tree (Views, Commands etc.. - in general all IPluginElements / IPluginExtensions if you are familiar with the PDE Product model)
  • Changing name of nodes.
  • Launching product with transformations
  • Exporting product with transformations

To make it work make sure that transformation hook is located in the same place as org.eclipse.osgi. It can be issue during the launch (when you exporting all plug-ins ends in the same location).

Code is in the same place it was before - so in code.google.com repo. If you want to make it run you will probably need also ant.ui from the Eclipse HEAD, as I also try to sync the pde.core and pde.ui with the HEAD (cause next step is to make Product Customizations part of Eclipse 3.5 Mx).

If you want to watch presentation please use this link (I've resigned from youtube hosting cause I cannot place there high quality movies) or the uncompressed version with annotations.

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