Monday, January 19, 2009

Tools integration

Hopefully I've found support for all ideas used in our project.
Eclipse, and it is not surprising for those knowing me, as my IDE.
Maven as a project build tools (at the moment working well only as Eclipse embedded).
Maven tooling for Eclipse. Spring Server. Spring tooling and spring tooling for eclipse. Have I missed sth ? Off course there there are SVN Track and everything eclipse has to support it.
Now let me elaborate on "hopefully". I have no doubts that without Eclipse plug-ins life could be painful.

  • why I have cycles in my builds (ok I am using a bit customized scripts)
  • what is the best way to share such a project (how to share server configs, how to use relative paths)
  • how to fight with the dual sources of buildpath dependencies (one from maven, second from budle dependencies) - at the moment I am testing use of standalone profile to store dependencies from OSGi configuration.

Maybe its time (if this is possible) to build set of good practices for spring + maven + eclipse integration.

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