Thursday, August 22, 2013

JRebel is great but what to do when you application is not a "typical" one.

I find JRebel a great tool. It may save you some/a lot of time depending on your scenario. There are plugins that allows for on-the-fly reconfiguration of multiple aspects of your application. You can perform a complete makeover to you Java classes, JSP resource, IoC configuration, aspects - to name only few.
I have capture a screencast  for a very simple example. There are few beans that are dynamically reconfigured - as well as the logging configuration.

But what to do with more complex scenarios ? In the following posts (or post) I will try to share my observations on using  JRebel in a project that:

  • is developed by multiple developers (using varying tools while maven is common denominator)
  • has multi-modular structure and quite few lines of code,
  • has several builds modes (e.g. production, development, and testing artifacts with varying configurations are possible)
  • uses nasty maven tricks including resources filtering, profiles, conditional configuration, overlaying and many more,
  • allows for building different products from partially common code-base
For the moment I will tell you one thing: default configuration is not sufficient here. 

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