Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Reversing BEAST

I am exhausted :) Have you ever tried reverse java code using open source software (and also community editions of popular commercial tools) ?? Under Linux ? :D
Well, sometimes it works. And sometimes not necessarily.

BEAST is a cross-platform program for Bayesian MCMC analysis of molecular sequences.
This software package contains almost 800 java classes (and I don't mention classes from used jar libraries) It is about ~60000 LoC. And all written in Java 1.5 (OK, compiled against Java 1.5 shows more than 1500 warnings).

There is a number of problems with freeware software for java reverse engineering that make this tools useless when analysing blast. In many cases the problem is that they works only for Java <=1.4. Non of the tested tools was able to import whole source folder from BEAST and analyze it. In case of ArgoUML (which is still, in my opinion, the best open RE tool for Java 1.5) it failed after using all available for VM memory (yes, I've changed the default values). Now when I change my working model to so called "step-by-step" it works only with few complains.

So, what is the alternative? Commercial license. And believe me I am actually close to make this choice. But who will guarantee that money spent on license solves the problem?

Later on I will give chance Eclipse + UML2. I know I should start with Eclipse (as always), but nobody's perfect :).

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