Monday, March 10, 2008

Mulitilingua :D

To live in Germany you must know German :) Well it is not truth although this language is very useful ;) Recently I meet one of my neighbors. Georgi is studding law and came from Georgia. The probable was I speak some English and a bit German whereas he speaks some German and acceptable Russian. I though I understand Russian until that day ;). So we were communicating in this languages' mixture for a half an hour. It was fun but now I know that I must work harder on German.
Very similar situation is in bioinformatics. To understand some concepts or simply use it you should to know multilingua mixture.
Recently I worked on Viterbi algorithm (the code at wiki is a bit different from one I am using). It is simple dynamic programming approach to decode of HMM output. Anyway to compare my buggy Java code to the referenced on the page I grasped a bit of Python. As C++ is the basic language in my team and I want to be more fluent in C++ + boost I've decided to code it in C++. To generate input for tests I simple using Perl :).
I started with "Bioinformatics sequence analysis" and I must say I really enjoy this trip.

And if you want to know what I am doing during weekends (maybe later on I'll describe some of them) you can always wisit my picassa web album.

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