Wednesday, February 27, 2008

how to find IBAN for the German bank

Do you know what anIBAN is ? I thought that this standard is used everywhere. How does it look in Germany ? Well as I need to transfer money for registration fee at the university and for dormitory rental I've got the bank numbers. In the competition national bank numbers vs. IBAN: 2:0.
It was quite surprising as Frankfurt is known as German's bank center. How to deal with that ?
Well, before I give you an answer couple you need some explanation. Why do I think that not IBAN bank numbers can be a problem ?
Because it is in my case. Without it I couldn't specify bank transfer through the internet. Therefore I needed to visit my bank. To my surprise they gave me huge form to fill in. When I asked about format for the German bank's data they didn't give me the answer. The only one I've got was: write it down as you think it would be correct.

Great, thanks :/

So, what I did, was to phone to the German bank and ask for the IBAN for that account. Now I have it, but indirectly ;).

When you will ever be looking for the IBAN in such a case please give a try to IBAN rechner :D.

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