Tuesday, February 5, 2008

On the road of basis

What I am doing for living ? Well, I am software engineer. I work on the software architecture analysis methods at the university, I work as developer (in Eclipse) and consultant/support engineer (for the last year in IBM).
What I will be doing in Frankfurt ? During next half I year I will work for the bioinformatics team. Work... well we will see how much of work means an exchange program (Socrates).
For today it means a lot of learning. And unfortunately, learn the basis. It is quite sad to see how much I've forgot from my high-school education (the another explanation is I didn't get much from high-school ;) ). On the other hand is great experience, how genetics basis looks like from the software engineer's point of view :)

It also seams that level of my German is to low to attend German intensive course in Frankfurt. But I feel the progress :).

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