Sunday, February 17, 2008

On the road

Last Thursday I did 1900 kilometers. Czarnkow-Frankfurt-Czarnkow. First of all I need to thanks my brother. It didn't happened without his help. We spent in the car about 20 hours. What for ? First of all I wanted to look in most beautiful eyes in the world.

But as I don't want to talk about my privacy to much, let me tell you about two issues:
German Ordnung and German's roads.

  1. I've been always listening about how well everything is organized in Germany. And it might be truth in some areas, but it doesn't work everywhere. I have couple of things to finalize at the university and as (after phone conversation) it seemed to be quite easy, it was impossible. Simply it was to early to finalize papers for students card. It was even to early to leave documents (I want to add that the day before it was not, at least I was informed it wasn't ;) ). Fortunately I managed to fill dormitory's papers (what should have been impossible :D). And as Frankfurt is sometimes call Bankfrut I've newer thought that there is no chance to open bank account during one day.

  2. German autobahn - the only thing I can say is: In Poland we don't have roads we have paths :D

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